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Postoperative Care

Followingsurgery instructions as to how to contact us in case of an emergency at night or on the weekend will be provided. We want to assure our availability to handle any and all problemsfollowing our surgical treatment. A doctor from our practice is always on call and may be reached 24 hours a day. Generally, a one week postoperative appointment will be made prior tothe surgical procedure. At this appointment an oral examination will be performed to determine how healing is progressing. Any changes in diet, medications, or physical activity will be discussed at this visit. Do not assume thatfeeling good automatically allowsresuming normal activities without checking with your surgeon first. During the integration phase of treatment, exercise, chewing, and normal oral hygienemay be resumed, when okayed by the surgeon,until the second phase of treatment beginswhich involves loading of the implant and restoration.The surgeon will determine when the implant has integrated through the use of x-rays as well as testing the implant directly. If an implant is lost due to nonintegration the surgeon will remove it, evaluate the site and prepare it as necessary for replacement of the implant. There should be no additional costbecause it is our intent to fulfill our responsibility ofproviding a restorable implant tothe dentist for completion of treatment.


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