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Surgical Advances

Using the most recent advances in implant technology our doctors are able to place single stage implants. These implants do not require a second procedure to uncover them, but do require a minimum time of healing before artificial teeth are placed. This time frame will be determined bythesurgeon and is often not known until the implantis actually placed. There may be situations where the implant can be placed at the same time as the tooth extraction, further minimizing the number of surgical procedures.
Occasionally, when teeth are extracted, it is best to delay placement of the implant. The implant may not match the size and shape of the socket and therefore 6 to 12 weeks of healing may be necessary before implant placement. In a small number of cases, the bone loss around the tooth being extracted will not be adequate for immediate or delayed implant placement, and a ridge preservation bone graft will be recommended (figure 17). This will improve or preserve the shape of the ridge in anticipation of an implant that will be placed in the future. Generally a minimum of 4 months of healing will be required before an implant can be placed.
Other techniques are available to restore severe bone deficiencies. Zygomatic (cheek bone) implants (figure 18)may be used in severe maxillary atrophy where bone grafts are not practical or possible. Distraction osteogenesis (figure 19) may also be used for focal bone defects and may result in bone suitable for implant placement faster than waiting for a bone graft to mature.


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