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Surgical Procedure

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For many patients, the placement of dental implants involves two surgical procedures. First, implants are placed into the jawbone. For the first several months following surgery, the implants are beneath the surface of the gums gradually bonding (integrating) with the jawbone. You should be able to wear a temporary complete or partial denture to replace the missing teeth and eat a soft diet during this time. At the same time, your dentist is preparing to fabricate new replacement teeth (figures 12, 13, & 14).
After the implant has bonded (integrated) to the jawbone, the second phase begins.The implant(s) will be uncovered and a post will be attached to the implant that protrudes through the gums and will act as the anchor for the artificial tooth (teeth) (figure15). When the artificial tooth (teeth) are placed these posts will not be seen (figure 16). The entire procedure from surgery to final restoration usually takes 3-4 months. Most patients experience minimal disruption in their daily life after the first several days following surgery when there may be swelling and discomfort.


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