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What Type of Anesthesia is Available?

Many single tooth implants can be placed under local anesthesia. Often these are less traumatic than the extraction that created this edentulous space. If fear and anxiety are a major factor then intravenous sedation utilizing sedative and general anesthetic medications are especially worthwhile to eliminate the stress of worrying about a surgical procedure. Particularly long and extensive procedures can be performed in our outpatient facilities at Surgicare of Lake Charles. The surgical center provides controlled general anesthesia, under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, which allowsmaintenance of vital signs and safety throughout the procedure. This not only frees the surgeon to concentrate on the surgery, but allows the surgery to be completed as quickly as possible forsafety and comfort. Following the surgical procedure patients are closely observed in our office during recovery. Prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics are prescribed, and oral rinses consisting of an anti-plaque agentas well as an oral antibioticare used in most cases. Written discharge instructions which will be reviewed prior to discharge. When fully recovered from the anesthesia patients are escorted tothe car by one of our trained staff members. For at least 24 hours after any sedation do not plan to drive, operate machinery or make legally binding decisions asone isunder the influence of the anesthetic medications or any medicationstaken for pain control at home.


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