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Evaluation and Planning Sequence

Initial Evaluation
During this appointment we will discuss your concerns and goals for orthodontic and surgical treatment. We will do a thorough history and clinical examination and obtain the necessary records for complete treatment planning. These records may include:

  • Photographs of your face and bite.
  • Special radiographs (xrays) designed for evaluation of facial bones.
  • Computerized digital photograhs of your face.
  • Dental impressions of your teeth so that study models can be made. Many of these records may be completed by your orthodontist and, in some cases, these records can be used rather than repeating the process.

Treatment Planning Consultation
At this time the results of our evaluation and treatment recommendations will be presented to you and any family or friends who you feel should be involved in this process. We will use your photographs, radiographs (xrays), computerized video images and/or models to show you what type of treatment will be necessary. We will also show you illustrations of the type of surgery which we are recommending for you as well as examples of similar cases. We will attempt to answer all of your questions at this time. However, if questions arise in the future please do not hesitate to call us for a phone discussion or to make another appointment to discuss your surgery in person.

On many occasions the initial evaluation and treatment plan consultation may be completed at the same time.

Insurance Preauthorization
In many cases the surgical portion of your treatment may be covered in part by major medical insurance. Our office will help you by obtaining a predetermination for the insurance coverage on the anticipated surgical treatment plan. This will allow you to anticipate any financial obligation not covered by your insurance. Our surgery coordinators will help you with any questions you have regarding insurance coverage.


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