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Treatment Sequence

Preoperative Preparation
(From now until a few weeks prior to surgery) Prior to the time jaw surgery is completed, the orthodontist will place orthodontic appliances (braces) on your teeth. If it is necessary to remove any teeth to help with this alignment, it will be done at this time. The orthodontist will attempt to align the upper teeth properly in the upper jaw and the lower teeth properly in the lower jaw prior to surgery. This may not be completely finished before surgery since it may be impossible to finalize the alignment of teeth until the jaws are placed into their proper position.

Immediate Presurgical Period
(A few weeks prior to surgery)

  • During this time the orthodontist will place "surgical wires or hooks” on your upper and lower braces. These wires will have small hooks or wire loops which will be used to help place your teeth in the proper position during surgery and to help hook on small elastic rubber bands or wires after surgery.
  • New records will be taken to formulate the final details of your treatment plan. New photographs, models, radiographs (xrays), and digital photographs will be completed a few days or weeks prior to surgery.
  • A few days before surgery we will complete a history and physical exam. Your doctor and an assistant will talk with you about the details of surgery and answer any of your questions. You will be given instructions for care after your surgery and prescriptions for any medicines you may need.


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